Diving Beetle

Diving Beetle

The diving beetle larva's favourite hobby is snitching.  Their terrible posture comes from peering through their curtains.  Idle gossip, life destroying rumours  and hearsay is what fuels them (well that and tadpoles).  In fact, they are often courted as they make very salacious dinner guests.  However, their tendency to pump their dinner full of digestive juoces before sucking it all up again often means they don't often get asked back.

97% of all 'silent-but-violent' farts in public places are down to them.

They are unusually proud of their moustaches, 

and if properly flattered on them, may do their AT-AT impression for you (it's quite good). 

Despite their shitty personalities, its best to keep on their good side, as when adult, they feed by tearing things into pieces. Like faces. 

Blames their antisocial behaviours on being bullied at school. In fairness, '4 eyes' is accurate in their case.